Friday, January 11, 2013

TRVE Brewing

When breweries in Denver are mentioned the most common place people think of is LoDo, and the multiple breweries and brewpubs available down there. But away from the busy downtown scene in Southwest Denver along Broadway lies a small brewery making big beers that is anything but traditional. Located in a small building most would walk by without realizing what they are passing is one of the more unique breweries in the Denver brewery scene. Opened in June of 2012 this is Trve Brewing Company.
To say the Trve is a small brewery could be talking about the size of the system they use to produce their beers, or it could be talking about the size of the tap room. In either statement both are accurate to the size of the microbrewery. Walking in the brewery is very long, and deep. There is a small bar top with no more than 20 stools to sit at and right inside the entrance is a community table. It is a very dark place with black and grey walls, and heavy metal playing at all times. The lights are dim, and there is amazing paintings and photographs along the wall. Behind the bar is a small square with all the tap handles below a pentagram and candles just adding to the heavy metal theme of this brewery. But the unique theme of this brewery is only one reason to visit, the other of course is the beer and there are plenty of unique ones to choose from.
When it comes to light beer there can be nothing more refreshing and crisp than a nice saison, and at Trve they have taken their version to the next level with the Diotima. A traditional saison but with a flavor profile so unique due to the addition of Lapsang Souchong which is a Chinese Tea that has been smoked over pinewood. The end result is a complex beer full of the acidic, tart qualities that are expected in this style of beer. In addition is a subtle earthy flavor from the tea leaves, and a smoky/woody flavor from the pinewood which mellows the acidity of the beer but doesn’t mute it. A well balanced beer full of flavors with a clean aftertaste that will keep you sipping till it is gone trying to figure out all the flavors going on.
In Colorado there is one style of beer that is a must at all microbreweries and that is the IPA, and at Trve the Tunnel of Trees IPA does not disappoint and caters to both the novice drinker and hop head out there. A classical American style IPA with both piney and resinous hops added create the dry, bitter, and hoppy qualities that are expected when one drinks an IPA. But the addition of malts creates balance and a depth of flavor that is not expected. The richness of the malts cuts through the bitterness of the hops and creates a very subtle sweetness with the end of each sip. A beer that keeps an IPA true to its style but also adds depth to create something unique, a beer fans of all styles will enjoy drinking.
In a brewery as dark as Trve it is only fitting that they have a dark beer to fit the theme, and for that order a pint of nothing other than the Stout O))). A rich, full bodied stout that is both hearty and flavorful. A Rich roasted flavor on the front creates a almost smoky flavor that quickly turns into a bitter chocolate flavor. This is all finished with a clean, but dry aftertaste that only has you reaching for another sip. A very traditional stout with all the barley, and malt flavor one would expect, and great to drink no matter which season it is. Also available are a pale ale known as the Wanderlust, and table beer called the Hellion, and a Belgian Golden Strong called the Atma.
Sometimes the most unique breweries come when you least expect it. Walking into a place with black walls, dim lighting, and heavy metal music the first thought would not be microbrewery. But take a look deeper into the building past the bar to all the tanks, and try the beers offered and it is quickly realized that this place produces some very high quality ales that cater to fans of all styles. While it may be tricky to find along Broadway look a little harder and give Trve Brewing a try. It might have you joining the metal music, nodding your head in approval, and raising your hand in the fist of rock to the beers.
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Friday, January 4, 2013

Microbrewery Rules

Mile High Brews: Rules for Enjoying a Microbrewery
It’s one thing to just go to a microbrewery, but it is another thing to actually visit a microbrewery. When you go to one you sit at a bar stool, drink beers, pay your tab, and leave. When you visit one you make it more of an experience, you soak in the atmosphere, talk to the bartenders/owners, taste the beers, and ultimately find out what it is that makes each microbrewery so unique. After all in Colorado there are close to 140 microbreweries, so each one has to have a story behind it, or a beer that makes them stand out and unique in an business that is booming. So with that being said there are certain rules or guidelines that one should follow every time the visit a microbrewery for the first time.
1)      Be Observant: Pay attention to the environment that the brewery has created, and the area they chose to set up their tap room.  Is it in a town with multiple breweries or are they the first microbrewery in a small town? Is the brewery in a high traffic area to serve the masses or are they in a more local area to create a smaller neighborhood environment?  Regardless of your answer it is important to observe your surroundings when in a brewery. Part of a relaxing visit is not only enjoying a beer that they offer but soaking in your surroundings. Whether it be the art on the wall or the views from their windows the atmosphere of a microbrewery is just as important as the beers offered.
2)      Be Engaging: When visiting a microbrewery it is important to not be distant but open to conversation. If the owners are available definitely make it a point to talk with them on some level to here the story on how their microbrewery came to be. How did they get started in brewing? What made them decide to brew the styles of beers that they do? If the owners are not available talk to the bartender and learn the history of the brewery by asking the same questions. Also it is very important to talk to the regular customers. Find out why they come to the brewery as often as they do, but more importantly most customers at a microbrewery go to several. Learn from them what other microbreweries they would recommend visiting and in turn share your favorites. You would be surprised how the time can fly by talking with customers and exchanging brewery visits.
3)      Be Adventurous: Most beer drinkers prefer certain styles over others but do not let that deter you when visiting a microbrewery. While there is nothing wrong with enjoying a pint of an IPA, ale, or stout at a brewery it should be after first sampling everything else first. Each microbrewery has a specialty that they pride themselves on and while they offer multiple styles each beer may have something unique to it. Whether it is staying traditional to a certain country, or being very experimental with the beers they make it is important to try each one. All microbreweries offer flights of their beers so take advantage of it. Who knows you might find something you like and fall in love with a new style of beer you didn’t know existed.
4)      Go Exploring: Like with rule number 3 it is important to see everything the state has to offer. While it is ok to have a favorite place to frequent it is important to remember that there are over 140 microbreweries in Colorado. Like with trying a new style of beer trying a new microbrewery can allow you to discover that many more beers that you can’t get in other areas. It can allow you to plan on an extra place to visit when in a certain city like Denver, Colorado Springs, or Boulder. Like traveling to other countries, visiting other microbreweries can and will introduce you to new people, places, and beers you wouldn’t have otherwise had.
5)      Have Fun: Like with anything you do in your personal life it is important to have fun and enjoy yourself. At the end of a long work week there is nothing more enjoyable than relaxing with a cold beer and spending time doing what makes you happy. If you follow guidelines one through four than this fifth one will come without issue.
So there they are our guidelines on how to make visiting microbreweries the most enjoyable experience possible. While each brewery is different, and sometimes in hidden locations just remember that the hunt is all part of the experience.
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