Friday, September 27, 2013

The BoB

When it comes to the craft beer world drinkers have learned to appreciate the art and craft that goes into the brewing process. But the art of a brewed beverage can include so much more than beer; it can also be talking about a well balanced, smooth cup of coffee. Well this past summer the two came together in the small suburb of Englewood, Colorado where the world of coffee and beer combined into one establishment. With long hours starting at 7 am, and late nights going until 10 pm this is The Brews on Broadway, more appropriately known as The BoB.
After finding a vintage looking theatre sign you know you are at the right place, and after walking into this spacious tap room it is obvious that it brings together the qualities of a coffee shop and a brewery. It is a large industrial looking building that greets you with the espresso machine, but walk past that to the bar and look around to see what a comfortable environment they have created.  There are cozy chairs to sit in, tables for large groups with bright décor all around the building. But the most visually striking aspect of this tasting room is the large brick wall with the garage doors that leads to the spacious beer garden. The brewing equipment is visible from the bar located behind the chalkboard menu and tap handles. With several beers to choose from in a variety of styles they all are unique but familiar.
With a couple different varieties of English style ales on tap it is best to start light and that would be with the City Mark Mild. Coming in at a very sessionable 4.5 percent this is a very balanced beer that has a light body, but still has a good malt flavor. The hops are not very prominent and this beer has a clean aftertaste making it a very refreshing beer and easy to enjoy any time of year. For another English style with a slightly bolder flavor try the Placer ESB. With a dark gold color, this beer brings forward a strong malt flavor, but it was balanced out by an equally strong hop flavor. The hops provide a great bitter note that also has a subtle smoky flavor. The finish of this beer is not clean, and has a slight lingering note to a very complex beer making you want to enjoy another sip.
To go along with the English style ales the BoB also offers to hop forward options and it starts with the Eaglerock Pale Ale. With a dark copper color this pale ale has a bright, citrus forward aroma that carries through to a bright, and acidic flavor. A hop forward beer with a prominent bitter note this beer has plenty of malt to balance it out and not overpower the beer. Very refreshing and more balanced, this is a great representation of a classic pale ale. For those craving a strong hop flavor that is available in the option of the Tuilerie’s IPA. This is a true IPA from the rich copper color, to the dry mouth feel, and the bitter flavor profile. The aftertaste lingers and lasts for a while making this a beer any IPA fan will truly enjoy. For a non English beer and a non hop beer there is a beer that brings both aspects of The BoB into one beverage, and that is the Social Club Coffee Milk Stout. This has a surprisingly light body for a stout but it is full on flavor. With a strong coffee flavor, creamy mouth feel, and subtle hint of chocolate it is a well balanced beer with a clean aftertaste making it very easy to enjoy, and a great style of stout.
With a wide variety of beverages to choose from and a expansive, diverse tap list it is obvious why The BoB has cemented themselves into this small suburb of Denver. Combine that with a friendly staff, and a very relaxed atmosphere and this is truly a neighborhood establishment where it would be very easy to pass the time with a group of friends. To go along with the early morning hours and late night hours it can be easy to enjoy a great beverage any time of day. So whether you want a great cup of coffee, or to enjoy a couple pints and watch TV swing down to Englewood and relax in the comfort of The BoB.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Brews News 9-24

The season has changed and fall is officially upon us which can only mean one thing and that is that more big beers will be returning. While cold weather is just around the corner there is still plenty to do in Colorado craft beer.
New Breweries:
After much anticipation Epic Brewing is finally ready to open their doors in their new River North home and it all happens on Thursday, September 26. Unfortunately this is a soft opening only available to those invited, but sooner than later their doors will be open to the masses.  
This Saturday, September 28 marks the 1 year anniversary of one of Boulder’s best kept secrets in beer, and that can mean only one thing. Wild Wood’s Brewery is turning 1 and they are celebrating with 12 beers including some new releases and the returns of some fan favorites. They will be bringing back the popular 2012 Barley wine as well as the Tropical Paradise IPA a great IPA with mango and ginger. As far as new beers are concerned they will be releasing an Oktoberfest style lager, as well as a special anniversary ale known as Big Bonfire. This is an imperial version of their flagship Campfire Red and the first 40 people to order one will get to keep they glass for free.   
New Beer Releases:
Lots of great new beer releases this week and it all starts on Wednesday.
-Both of Hall Brewing Company’s new beers are available on liquor store shelves now. The Helles Lager and Oktoberfest Marzen are their newest additions and perfect for this time of season.
-September 18 will see the end of fresh hop month at Copper Kettle Brewing Company and they will be releasing the Nine Digit Cask. This beer was made from hops grown by one of their Mug Club Members.
-For Wayward Wednesday River North Brewery will be releasing a double dry hopped River North White, think of it as their interpretation of a White IPA.
-After much anticipation River North will also be releasing a new barrel aged beer. They will be releasing a Rum barrel aged Quandary. This abbey style ale that has subtle raisin flavors will match perfectly with rum and will be a must try.
This upcoming weekend Oktoberfest will continue throughout the state with more breweries continuing the festivities.
-Friday, September 27 Saint Patrick’s Brewing Company in Englewood will be hosting a small Oktoberfest party. Available will be all of their artisanal lagers including their new pumpkin lagers with vanilla and chai, as well as chocolate.
-Also Friday, September 27 Copper Kettle Brewing Company will be hosting their Oktoberfest celebration with the release of their Marzen lager. A traditional Oktoberfest lager, and in addition they will have their Kolsch and Dunkel Lager available with Crazy Good Food Truck serving German style food.
-Saturday, September 28 Denver Beer Company is joinging the Oktoberfest celebration with the release of their fall seasonal. $15 will get you a stein and a fill of this brew, and refills will be $6.
-Also on the 28th up in Louisville Gravity Brewing will be hosting the Gravity Fall Fest  complete with three new beer releases. There will be an Oktoberfest, Weizenbock, and Wet Hop IPA available this day to go along with all their other great beers.

Coming Soon!:
As if this week does not have enough there is always more to look forward to in the Colorado craft beer scene.
-In addition to their bombers River North is going to be canning as well. Look for their River North White available soon.  
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Friday, September 20, 2013

Saint Patrick's Brewing

Despite the growth of craft beer in Colorado there are still certain styles that can be difficult to find on a regular basis. One of those styles is lagers, those clean, crisp refreshing ales that take time, cold fermentation, and great execution to make. So to find a brewery that only makes artisan lagers in a wide variety of styles is a hidden gem, and then to find out that they are only making them 25 gallons at a time shows the true craft this brewery has. That is the case in a small brewery in Englewood, Colorado where the lagers are pouring in traditional, hybrid, and experimental styles at Saint Patrick’s Brewing Company.
What started off in a garage in Centennial has now evolved into a small tap room located in a small row of warehouses. With only 18 seats this tap room is very small, but very comfortable and inviting. A large chalkboard displaying the available beers is visible for all to see, but the highlight of this tap room décor is the artwork that hangs from the walls. Prior to crafting lagers co-owner Chris Phelps was an artist, and some of his amazing paintings grace the walls creating a great eye piece. Right behind the bar top lays a group of small fermenters where these small batches are turning into beer. With so many different styles of lagers to choose from, deciding which one to try first can be overwhelming.  
A good rule of thumb to follow when tasting beers is to start light, and that would be the Luminosity, a traditional Helles meets a Belgian Farmhouse. This beer has all the traditional aspects of a Helles like the light body, crisp mouth feel, and light malt flavor. The addition of honey and fresh citrus zest gives this beer a bright fresh flavor with a subtle sweetness. Factor in the five hop additions and this is a complex beer that is balanced, finishes clean, and is very refreshing. For something still light, but with a much different flavor profile there is the Colorado Golden Lager, a Czech Pilsner with Saison influences. The honey and citrus flavors are still visible in the beer, but contrary to the Luminosity, this beer has a much more prominent hop flavor. This creates a dry mouth feel with a slight bitterness, but it is not overpowering. Instead the end result is a more complex beer that has a slight bitterness in the aftertaste, but is still very refreshing and easy to drink.
For something slightly more malt forward there is the Cerevisia, a traditional Vienna style lager with influences of the California Common style. A rich copper color sets the tone of this beer and the flavor profile is slightly sweet with a more malt forward flavor. The bitterness from the hops are still visible, but secondary in this clean beer. For fans of the dark beers, there is the Midnight Mocha, a Schwarz beer. This dark black lager had strong notes of coffee and chocolate which created a slight bitterness. This was balanced out by honey, and lactose added created a creamy mouth feel which added to the mocha flavor profile. With a surprisingly light body, and strong flavor profile this is a very unique beer that was very easy to drink. Also available are various seasonal lagers including a Czech Chai Ginger, Chocolate Pumpkin Lager, Pumpkin Vanilla Chai, Lana’I IPL and a traditional Dry Stout all released throughout the year.
Since opening their doors in 2012, Saint Patrick’s Brewing has been bringing forward the art of lagers. With the amount of time and the craft that goes into each batch the end result is truly a craft. With so many distinct beers to choose from the styles of this beer are endless, and the light bodied refreshing beers are all complex but easy to drink. This is truly a brewery that has brought forward a difficult style of beer to make, and the small 25 gallon batches bring the craft to life. While lagers can be difficult to find on the craft beer level, Saint Patrick’s has made it a little easier. So when looking for a new brewery, or style to try venture down to Santa Fe Circle in Englewood and give Saint Patrick’s a try, you may find a new favorite.

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Brews News 9-17

After last week was dominated by rain and flooding it is a nice thing to see the sun and some good weather again. The good weather could not come any sooner as well as the upcoming week is a very busy one in Colorado craft beer.
With the festival season slowly winding down there is still on this weekend in Denver, the Elitch Gardens Brewfest. $40 will get you admission into the park as well as samples from over 30 different breweries. This will be held Saturday, September 21 from 12-5 pm.
Only one anniversary this week but it comes from one of Denver’s best u and coming brewery, and that is Wit’s End Brewing Company. On Saturday, September 21 they will be turning 2 and celebrating in great fashion! There will be 13 beers on tap this day as well as raffles to give away Wit’s End schwag an well as tickets to the Great American Beer Fest. This all starts at 12 and is a must visit.  
New Beer Releases:
Lots of great new beer releases this week and it all starts on Wednesday.
-September 18 Odyssey Beerwerks in Arvada will be releasing the newest beer in their Discover Series, and it is a Black Cherry Chocolate Stout. These have been running out that day s get there early!
-Fresh Hop month continues at Copper Kettle Brewing Company and this week is a feature on Chinook hops on cask. Tapping at 3 till it is gone.
-For Wayward Wednesday River North Brewery will be releasing their River North White with raspberries. Very refreshing for the end of summer.
-In what is going to be a busy week at Copper Kettle Brewing Company on Friday, September 20 they are bringing back their Imperial Pumpkin Porter. Friday will be a cask release of the Milk Pumpkin Porter. The addition of lactose will create a creamy mouth feel of pumpkin pie with whipped cream, and this will be gone fast.
-Saturday, September 21 will be the official release of the naked Pumpkin Porter at Copper Kettle. This is the same release as last year. This year’s batch is in a limited quantity as most was reserved and aged in rum barrels. This will be available at noon, so enjoy the best of the season with a unique take on a pumpkin beer.
-Saturday, September 21 out favorite metal brewery TRVE will release their first bottled beer. Vexovoid is a sour ale fermented with Brett yeast, and will only be available at the tap room starting at 2:00 pm. Sounds like a great beer and a can’t miss event.
This upcoming weekend will be the beginning of Oktoberfest and two breweries in the Denver area will kick off the festivities.
-Elk Mountain Brewing in Parker, Colorado will have their 4th Annual Elktoberfest on September 21. This annual event will come with special beer releases as well as German food, live music and games.
-Lone Tree Brewing Company will also be celebrating Oktoberfest on September 21 with the release of their popular Oktoberfest beer. Last year this beer ran out in 6 days so getting there early is crucial. There will be 2 food trucks including the popular Uber Sausage, as well as a stein for purchase for $20.
-Sunday night Copper Kettle Brewing Company will be hosting a special Brewmaster’s Table Dinner cooked by Chef Vincent Burns from the El Toro the Tot Food Truck. This will feature a four course meal that pairs a beer with each course featuring their Imperial Pumpkin Porter. Tickets are $45 and are limited, so get them soon to not miss out on this special event.

Coming Soon!:
As if this week does not have enough there is always more to look forward to in the Colorado craft beer scene.
-Our favorite Farmhouse Brewery in Parker announced 2 new beers that will be hitting the shelf this month. A Helles lager and an Oktoberfest Marzen. Look for these soon as they both sound delicious.
No new breweries opening but plenty coming soon.

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Friday, September 13, 2013

Farm to Pint Glass

Each August the beer world gathers and celebrates the harvest of one of its ingredients, the hop. That little plant that provides beer with such complex flavors and brings forth notes of pine, fruit, bitterness, and flowers. In celebration of the harvest, brewers will acquire as many fresh hops as they can and turn it into a beer known as a fresh hop, or wet hop, and it is something craft beer fans look forward to every year. Recently we had a chance to assist with harvesting hops and were able to follow the steps from harvest to beer, or farm to pint glass drinking with Copper Kettle Brewing Company in Denver, Colorado.
So on a Friday night, we ventured to Voss Farms in Arvada, Colorado and were greeted by rows of hop plants in all sorts of varieties including Mystery X, Cascade, Chinook, and a couple others. After cutting the vines down, they were carried over to a stripper which helped to separate the vine from the rest of the plant. Then, they were brought to a table and the picking could begin. With a pile of vines, leaves, and hops in front of you picking the hops was a labor of love and the citrus aromas filled the area as these tiny little cones were picked and filled into storage bins. The hops being picked on this particular evening were Chinook and Cascade, twenty pounds of each. After starting around 5:30 that evening the last of the hops were picked, weighed out, and bagged by 10:00 pm and now it was time to help turn these into beer.
After the drive back to Denver and a short night of sleep the brewery was alive by 5 am the next morning brewing the batches of beer with these fresh hops. With the 40 pounds of Chinook and Cascade, plus the Mystery X brewer Gordon Pencis harvested earlier in the week, there were plenty of beers on tap with these great, aromatic, and flavorful hops. From firkins to full batches, once all is said and done, there were five different beers made with these hops from Voss Farms. After the boil had been chilled, and the yeast had been pitched, there were two beers that came from all the hard work. First there was the Mystery Man, which was a Belgian Style IPA made with the fresh Mystery X hops, and the return of the Hoppa which utilized the fresh Chinook and Cascade hops.
The Mystery Man had a rich color and was full of flavor from aroma to finish. The Mystery X hops are an unknown varietal that were full of flavor and it started with a bright, citrus forward aroma that carried through to the beer. The beer was very light in body with a great citrus flavor full of complexities that is hard to point out. The malt flavor was present, but very subtle. The hops carried this beer’s flavor profile from beginning to end which was finished with a hint of sweetness from the yeast strain. The Hoppa had more of a pale appearance, but had just as much flavor. The Cascade hops brought a great floral aroma, and the Chinook brought an herbal note to the beer, but they worked in harmony and the flavors melded together into a complex balanced beer. The acidity was mellow and the beer finished very clean, making it very refreshing and light.
Although the amount of IPAs on the market are available in abundance the release of the fresh hop beers are still special and something craft beer lovers should always look forward to. It is the culmination of a year of hard work to keep these hops alive, allow them to grow, harvest them, and let them to shine with great beer made by the most skilled of brewers. Fresh hop beers are a reminder to respect the ingredients that go into each batch, and to respect the farmers who grow and supply these ingredients on a regular basis. To go along with it, the fact that these beers come and go so quickly is a reminder to craft beer lovers to enjoy every sip, because it is going to be a long year before they are available again. So for a brief moment of time take a break from the mainstream IPAs and enjoy the fresh hop beers available, and raise your glass to the farm to pint glass drinking.

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Brews News 9-10-13

We are well into September and the weather is changing along with the leaves. Before long we will be into Winter and all the big beers will be coming out. But for right now the weather is still warm and there is still plenty going on the Colorado Craft Beer.
This week there are 2 great festivals worth attending in Colorado.
-For those staying in the Denver area there is the annual Brew at the Zoo. $75 will get you a great night of appetizers from pubs around Denver as well as unlimited samples from 40 breweries from all around Colorado and some around the U.S. Of course the animals will all be on display and new proceeds will go to benefit THE Denver Zoo’s Red Apple Fund for Lifelong Learning a program that helped their education program.
-While it may be a longer drive this weekend is also the annual 3 day event Telluride Blues and Brews. With some 3 day, Friday, and Sunday passes still available this is a great event featuring a great amount of breweries not often seen in Denver. Combine that with great food and music, this is one of the best events of the year.
-Friday night September 13 at the Rackhouse Pub in Denver with Bristol Brewing Pint Night. Brewery representatives from the Colorado Springs brewery will be on hand to talk to guests and give away merchandise. So enjoy a Laughing Lab, Mass Transit, or whatever your flavor of Bristol is and talk to the guys who help make them possible.
-Saturday, September 14 will mark the Denver Beerathon which will take guests to 26 bars for 26 craft beers throughout the Denver area. This will feature several great areas including Uptown, LoHi, LoDo, the Ballpark, and RiNo area. Tickets are $55 and the course map can be found at
-Also on Saturday by the Platte River Denver Beer Company will be hosting the Stout and Oyster Fest. $25 will get you 2 pints of beer as well as a dozen oysters from the east coast, west coast, and even Rocky Mountain Oysters for those daring enough.
-Outside of Denver in the suburbs Lone Tree Brewing will be participating in BrewAsanas! At the tap room for $20 enjoy an hour of yoga and delicious Lone Tree Brewing Company Beer.
New Beer Releases:
Lots of great new beer releases this week and it all starts on Wednesday.
-In remembrance of 9-11 Lone Tree Brewing Company will be donating a dollar of every pint to the Captain Jason Dahl Scholarship Fund and will also be re-releasing their Peachtree Pale Ale in what will become a semi permanent beer on their tap list. Members of the scholarship fund will be in the tap room throughout the day to answer any question.
-River North Brewery has a great beer on tap for Wayward Wednesday as they will be tapping their Avarice Belgian Imperial Stout but as a milk stout. An already great beer, this sounds like it will be absolutely amazing.
-Fresh Hop month continues at Copper Kettle Brewing Company with 2 different Fresh Hop beers this week. Starting Wednesday their weekly cask will be the Copper Hopper with fresh Cascade hops. This leads into Saturday where they will bring back the Hoppa which features fresh Cascade and Chinook hops from Voss Farms in Arvada, Colorado.
-Our Mutual Friend has also brewed a fresh hop and it should be ready for consumption Saturday, September 14.
-Last our favorite Farmhouse brewery Hall Brewing Company in Parker, Colorado has recently bottled and released a Juicy Peach Blonde Ale. Light and refreshing, a great beer to get us through the remaining hot days we have left.
Coming Soon!:
As if this week does not have enough there is always more to look forward to in the Colorado craft beer scene.
-As the fresh hop beers start to release in abundance there are two more to look forward to from some of Colorado’s more iconic breweries. Tommyknocker and Great Divide have both brewed theirs and they should be released in late September/early October.
-TRVE Brewing in Denver has recently done a collaboration with Ninkasi Brewing out of Eugene, Oregon and the beer of choice was a IPA with El Dorado and Mosaic hops. We will keep you up to date on that future release.
No anniversaries or new brewery openings to report this week but with so much going on there should not be a problem keeping those pint glasses full and thirsts quenched. Cheers to the week ahead!

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Friday, September 6, 2013


While there are many things that make craft beer great one of the best has to be taking a traditional beer and making it modern or unique. Take the classic Berliner Weisse for example where a small brewery added a unique yeast strain that created a new complex flavored beer while maintaining the integrity and flavor profile of what this German sour wheat should be. The brewery is Funkwerks in Fort Collins, Colorado and the beer is Provincial, a traditional Berliner Weisse, but with a Belgian Wheat yeast strain creating a unique beer slightly higher in alcohol than the traditional version. After sampling a bottle of this 5.6 percent light ale these are our thoughts on this classic ale.
After pouring into a traditional tulip glass this beer had the appearance of a Berliner Weisse from the hazy pale gold color with a snow white head. But after the pour is where this beer took on a life of its own, and it started with the aroma. The Belgian yeast strain gives off a bright, and acidic aroma with a strong fruit note, the most prominent being pineapple. There was a yeast undertone to the aroma which only led to the indications that this would be a beer that had a brightness and tartness, but also had some body to it as well. The only thing to do was take a sip and see how well this beer was interpreted.
 The aroma follows through to the flavor quite nicely and it starts with a very light body that matches its appearance perfectly. The yeast strain does give off a subtle flavor that is more prominent than in a traditional Berliner Weisse, but the flavor that sticks out the most are the fruits. The refreshing taste of tropical fruits filled the mouth with each sip and that was most dominated by the bright and acidic pineapple. But of course it wouldn’t be a Berliner Weisse if there wasn’t a delicious sour quality to this ale as well, and thanks to the lacto bacillus that was added to this beer that flavor is there.
Unlike other beers of the style the sourness is still prominent, but more of a secondary flavor profile which makes this beer have a lot of depth. This was achieved with the sour ingredient sitting overnight before the beer was boiled and fermented. Combine all the ingredients together and this is a very complex beer that has a dry mouth feel. It is not so complex in flavors, but instead it has various layers of flavor from bright, to tropical fruit, to the sourness that one would expect.
After having such a rich and deep flavor the Provincial has a surprisingly clean aftertaste. The only thing left to remind you of this beer after a sip is a slight dryness in the mouth which makes taking that next sip all the more easy. Once all is said and done this is a very light and refreshing beer that brings a modern twist on a classic ale. Even though it is considered a Berliner Weisse this beer will appeal to not only fans of that, but also fans of Belgian Saisons, and will be a great beer to introduce people into the wonders of sours. So whatever kind of beer you are craving reach for the Provincial and see what a unique beer it really is for yourself.

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Brews News 9-3-13

Labor Day and the relaxing three day weekend that it brought has come and gone, and now we are all faced with the prospect of being back at work. Fortunately for most of us it is only a four day work week with plenty to look forward to each day in the world of craft beer in Denver and all around the state. Here is a look at what is going on this week.
While the festival season is starting to wind down in anticipation of the Great American Beer Festival there are still some great ones around town. This Friday night September 6 in Fort Collins there will be the 5th Annual Fall Harvest Brew Fest. This event opens to VIP at 6 pm and the general public an hour later at 7. This event will feature 40 different breweries, great food trucks, and even some local distilleries including Colorado Vodka. Tickets are still available and will be an extra $5 at the door, so get them early and enjoy some great beer in a great setting.
With all the new breweries opening up anniversary parties are becoming very common but this Saturday, September 7 is the anniversary of the first Colorado microbrewery! That’s right Boulder Beer Co. is turning 34 and are celebrating with their 34th Rave which is a mix between an anniversary party and another festival. Starting at 2 pm at the tap room which started it all a $30 cover will get you access to over 30 rare and tap room only beers from Boulder Beer and 30 other Colorado breweries. This will be a great event and a chance to raise your glass to the original Colorado microbrewery.
New Brewery Openings:
Boulder, Colorado is going to be a very popular town this weekend as that is also where the craft beer community will welcome its newest brewery. Sanitas Brewing Company located on Frontier Avenue in Boulder will open their doors Friday, September 6 at 3:00 and will continue the festivities all weekend long. Those who have been awaiting this brewery to open know that a couple weeks ago they did their first tapping of the Snow White IPA to rave reviews and we are all excited to see what else line their tap walls come this weekend.

New Beer Releases:
It is going to be a great week for new beer releases as we leave the Summer behind and enter into the fall, and already this week there have been two new beers to try.
-Up north in Loveland at Loveland Aleworks they tapped Buzzy’s Burundi Brown a coffee ale that they collaborated with 3 Coffee and Roastery on.
-West of Denver in Arvada, Colorado at Odyssey Beerwerks they released their newest beer in the “Big Hops” series with Hops, Paper, Scissors Red Ale. This Red IPA was made with 5 different hops that were added 7 different times throughout the brewing process.
-Fresh Hop Month is officially upon us and at Copper Kettle Brewing Company in Denver they will be tapping a Firkin of the Copper Hopper with Fresh Mystery X hops on Wednesday. This will be the first of four Fresh hop firkins Copper Kettle will tap this month.
-Copper Kettle Brewing Company will also be tapping a Barrel Aged Imperial Stout on Saturday. This imperial stout has been aging in Bourbon Barrels for months, and was recently on hand pull last week, so it will be interesting to see how the flavor profile will change once it hits the draft line.
-In what has to be the most unique new beer this week on Wednesday, September 4 Renegade will be tapping their Beetnik Saison. This saison was made with fresh beets and should come with a very refreshing, but interesting flavor profile. Either way it sounds like a must try.
In additional news Elevation Beer Company has recently bottled their 8 Second Kolsch and it is currently for sale out of the tap room only. Hopefully this beer will be in the Denver area before long, and we will keep you posted on that as we find out more information.
So there is the week ahead in craft beer, sounds like something great to do, and something new to try every night. Cheers!
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