Friday, August 31, 2012

Prost Brewing

When it comes to all the breweries in Colorado, there are some that are better known than others. Other times it is the owners/brewers that are better known. Like the name Bill Eye is one of the most well known names in Colorado breweries. The former head brewer at Dry Dock rose to fame through his brewing of traditional German beers, and during his tenure in Aurora he won several Great American Beer Festival medals, including gold in 2011 for his south German hefeweizen. However in 2012 Bill left Dry Dock to open a brewery of his own, and the end result is a traditional German brewery using antique equipment and producing batches of beers from all over Germany. The place to enjoy these? At Prost Brewing on 19th Street in Denver, Colorado.
Upon parking in the dirt lot and looking at the green sheet metal exterior you would not think this would be a brewery, but once you step inside you are transported into a beer garden. The tap room is well lit and banners resembling the German flag cover the ceiling. Instead of individual seating there are communal picnic tables both inside and out. Most impressive is that the beer is crafted in equipment shipped over from Germany that was made in 1963 and used in a town that has been brewing for over 300 years. Now residing in Denver this equipment is making the same traditional German beers made across the Atlantic, but which one to try first?
When at a microbrewery, it is always best to find their signature beer, and here that is a north German beer the Prost Pils (pilsner). The light golden color and thick foam are just the beginning to this crisp beer. With ingredients all from Germany including a special yeast from a monastery, this beer has a subtle spice and herbal note followed by the hops flavor that is expected with a pilsner. The hoppy aftertaste is very minimal which only keeps you going back for another sip. Now if light beers are what you crave but you are not a fan of hops then sipping on the beer Bill is known for is a can’t miss, the WeiBbier or hefeweizen, a traditional south German wheat beer. This beer stays very true to the classical recipe and its simplicity keeps you coming back for more sips. All the qualities that one would expect are in each sip from the golden color, and cloudy appearance. The flavor is full of the classical banana flavor with the hint of clove. Perfectly refreshing on hot summer days this beer is easy to sip on, and just as easy to enjoy.
The Hummer Brauerei in the German region of BreitenguBbach once made a famous beer known as the Dunkel. The equipment from that brewery now lies at Prost and they are reviving this classical recipe and introducing Denver to the Dunkel, and after one sip the popularity should spread. The stein full of this rich brown ale makes it inviting to try. After the first sip it is realized how complex this beer is. With a very unique malty flavor that is brought out through a special mashing process this beer is not overpowered with malts. The yeast gives off a very subtle banana flavor, but all flavors meld together and still create a clean aftertaste. A newer style of beer to the Colorado market but one that could easily become one of the most popular and demanded, this dunkel is a must try. Throughout the year Prost will also be tapping specialty seasonal beers from Germany including marzens, altbiers, and bocks.
After Bill left Dry Dock and word spread that Prost would be opening there was a lot of anticipation and hype regarding this brewery. After months of watching the building develop and take shape the patience of thirsty drinkers was rewarded in August of 2012 where beer drinkers could enjoy their first sip. All that is obvious is that the wait was worth it. A staff of brewers committed to the high quality standards of their beer, and staying true to the classical German recipes Prost will quickly become a go to brewery when in downtown Denver.
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