Friday, March 22, 2013

Bootstrap Brewing

Niwot, Colorado is a small town that lies in between two towns that are rich in the craft beer scene: Boulder and Longmont. It is one of those small towns that most people drive by without thinking twice, however that all changed in June of 2012. It was then that local residents Leslie and Steve Kaczeus time, research, and hard work of the past five years paid off and they opened the doors to their own microbrewery. With a friendly staff, a welcoming small town feel, and high quality ales this new brewery is a great addition to the rich brewery community of Boulder County, and it is called Bootstrap Brewing.
After finding this brewery tucked away on 79th Street and walking in you felt as if you are transformed into the country, and reminded what a small town brewery this is. The inside was hard wood all over the place with a variety of beer related signs decorating the walls. The fermenting tanks were behind a wood and cage wall by the bar, but visible for all the customers to see. Given that this brewery was in such a small town the environment of this brewery was very friendly. The staff and customers all knew each other, and were welcoming to all the guests that walked in. Being in such a friendly environment it made enjoying a pint that much more enjoyable, and there were plenty of styles of beer to choose from.
When it comes to trying new beers at a brewery it is best to start with a light offering and that also happens to be a gold medal winner at the 2012 Colorado State Fair, the 1956 Golden Ale. A light ale similar to a pilsner with a malt base but a light hop aroma, and slight bitterness from the hops. This beer has a light, crisp flavor and finishes very clean. It is a great session beer that is easy to enjoy on a warm day or anytime a refreshing beer is what you crave. Also available on a limited basis is a variation of this ale but with the addition of peach. The malt and hops in this beer are still prominent but the addition of peach adds a subtle sweetness and peach flavor. The extra flavor adds to this beer, but does not overpower it, instead only makes it more refreshing. For something more unique with a twist on the Golden Ale order the Backfire Chili. The golden ale infused with chili peppers this is one spicy beer, also available with tomato juice added for an extra depth of flavor.
If you are not a fan of wheat ales but instead want something darker with a little more body then order nothing other than the Boomer Brown. This is a traditional American Brown Ale, but it has English influences through the hops and yeast used in the brewing process. Combine that with the addition of oats, honey, and chocolate malts this beer has a very unique flavor. This is a very malt forward beer with a slight sweetness and rich flavor that has a clean aftertaste and is very refreshing. For something darker there is the Worthog Stout which is a traditional foreign style stout. A rich, full bodied beer that has the strong flavor profiles stout lovers are sure to enjoy. A thick tan color head leads into the strong malt flavored ale with a strong roasted flavor. Hints of coffee and chocolate are an undertone along with the small bitterness from the hops. The aftertaste is lingers slightly but with such a strong roasted flavor taking multiple sips of this hearty beer makes it very easy to enjoy.
Additional beers available are a malty red, slightly bitter amber, and strong IPA with five different hops, plus the seasonal that are rotated throughout the year. If there is anything the growth of the craft beer scene in Colorado has taught us it is that breweries no matter how big and small can be successful anywhere. This is no truer than at Bootstrap Brewing where high quality ales have no made this small community a destination for the craft beer followers in Colorado, all in what used to be a town that most people would drive through without thinking twice. So when in Boulder or Longmont make the extra short trip to Niwot, taste the craft ales at Bootstrap Brewing, and see how welcome you are made in this small community of craft beer.
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