Friday, September 27, 2013

The BoB

When it comes to the craft beer world drinkers have learned to appreciate the art and craft that goes into the brewing process. But the art of a brewed beverage can include so much more than beer; it can also be talking about a well balanced, smooth cup of coffee. Well this past summer the two came together in the small suburb of Englewood, Colorado where the world of coffee and beer combined into one establishment. With long hours starting at 7 am, and late nights going until 10 pm this is The Brews on Broadway, more appropriately known as The BoB.
After finding a vintage looking theatre sign you know you are at the right place, and after walking into this spacious tap room it is obvious that it brings together the qualities of a coffee shop and a brewery. It is a large industrial looking building that greets you with the espresso machine, but walk past that to the bar and look around to see what a comfortable environment they have created.  There are cozy chairs to sit in, tables for large groups with bright d├ęcor all around the building. But the most visually striking aspect of this tasting room is the large brick wall with the garage doors that leads to the spacious beer garden. The brewing equipment is visible from the bar located behind the chalkboard menu and tap handles. With several beers to choose from in a variety of styles they all are unique but familiar.
With a couple different varieties of English style ales on tap it is best to start light and that would be with the City Mark Mild. Coming in at a very sessionable 4.5 percent this is a very balanced beer that has a light body, but still has a good malt flavor. The hops are not very prominent and this beer has a clean aftertaste making it a very refreshing beer and easy to enjoy any time of year. For another English style with a slightly bolder flavor try the Placer ESB. With a dark gold color, this beer brings forward a strong malt flavor, but it was balanced out by an equally strong hop flavor. The hops provide a great bitter note that also has a subtle smoky flavor. The finish of this beer is not clean, and has a slight lingering note to a very complex beer making you want to enjoy another sip.
To go along with the English style ales the BoB also offers to hop forward options and it starts with the Eaglerock Pale Ale. With a dark copper color this pale ale has a bright, citrus forward aroma that carries through to a bright, and acidic flavor. A hop forward beer with a prominent bitter note this beer has plenty of malt to balance it out and not overpower the beer. Very refreshing and more balanced, this is a great representation of a classic pale ale. For those craving a strong hop flavor that is available in the option of the Tuilerie’s IPA. This is a true IPA from the rich copper color, to the dry mouth feel, and the bitter flavor profile. The aftertaste lingers and lasts for a while making this a beer any IPA fan will truly enjoy. For a non English beer and a non hop beer there is a beer that brings both aspects of The BoB into one beverage, and that is the Social Club Coffee Milk Stout. This has a surprisingly light body for a stout but it is full on flavor. With a strong coffee flavor, creamy mouth feel, and subtle hint of chocolate it is a well balanced beer with a clean aftertaste making it very easy to enjoy, and a great style of stout.
With a wide variety of beverages to choose from and a expansive, diverse tap list it is obvious why The BoB has cemented themselves into this small suburb of Denver. Combine that with a friendly staff, and a very relaxed atmosphere and this is truly a neighborhood establishment where it would be very easy to pass the time with a group of friends. To go along with the early morning hours and late night hours it can be easy to enjoy a great beverage any time of day. So whether you want a great cup of coffee, or to enjoy a couple pints and watch TV swing down to Englewood and relax in the comfort of The BoB.

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