Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Copper Kettle Turns 3

From what was coined as A Year in the Making to mark their first anniversary quickly turned into a Year of Growth to celebrate their second anniversary. But what happened between then and now has been watching a company grow. That has included bottling and distributing their award winning Mexican Chocolate Stout with two more year round bottles coming soon, three barrel aged bottle releases, the upgrade to a new 15 barrel brew house, and an expanded tap room with the long awaited addition of a patio. All while maintaining high quality ales and lagers, and keeping a small neighborhood feel with a friendly staff.
So it is only appropriate that given all the great advancements made in the past year that their third anniversary would be known as the Year of Excitement. From April 24-27 Copper Kettle Brewing Company will be releasing new beers, bringing back some old favorites, and putting bragging rights on the line between the staff with their annual four day celebration. Starting Thursday each day will feature great beers, live music, food trucks, and is sure to be a great time. The only question is which day to go if not all of them.
The festivities kickoff Thursday, April 24 like any anniversary party should and that is with a look back at the past year as Copper Kettle will be putting some of their most popular beers back on the tap lines. Of course for an anniversary party of this size it has to be some of their most popular beers so it will be their barrel aged offerings. This includes but is not limited to their Rum Barrel Aged Pumpkin Porter, Snowed In Imperial Oatmeal Stout, a Rum Barrel Aged Old Ale and Well Bred English Barleywine. While there could be more available throughout the course of the day you are just going to have to show up and see what’s being offered.
Friday, April 25th Copper Kettle will be releasing not only a new barrel aged beer, but also their first sour ale. A Raspberry Framboise that was brewed last year and aging in wine barrels for the past 10 months is now ready to be served to guests who have been anxiously waiting for Copper Kettle to start a sour. Well now is the time and this beer is sure to go fast so arrive early to ensure you get a taste of this beer.
Saturday, April 26 will be one of the most popular days of this event, and that is the second year of the Battle of the Beers staff recipe showdown. People that were there last year remember how great the beers were, and this year is sure to top that with some unique beers in both style and flavor. Beers competing against each other for bragging rights this year include a Tokaji Hungarian Oak Spiced Biere de Garde, a Brown Sugar and Bacon Brown Ale, an India White Ale with Citra and Zythos hops, an Oak Aged Oatmeal Porter with blackberry liquor, a Mint and Vanilla Double Mexican Chocolate Stout, an Oak Aged Vanilla and Peach American Wheat, Colonial Ale with Blackstrap Molasses, and the Luis Suarez Extra Special Bitter. Try one or try them all, make sure to vote on your favorite and give bragging rights to one of the employees. One thing is for sure, all are sure to taste delicious and sound very unique.
Sunday April 27 the festivities will come to a close, and to send off another great year in style another barrel aged beer will be offered. This time the offering is a Petit Verdot aged Belgian Grand Cru. A great wine and a great style of beer being blended together will be the perfect way to toast another great year and remember another great anniversary celebration. Now of course to accompany so much great beer there will be different live music every day and great food trucks as well.
With each passing year the anniversaries at Copper Kettle seem to get bigger and better. The beers seem to get more bold and daring in flavor. The event becomes more memorable and something people continue to talk about. This year will be no exception with over thirteen one of a kind beers over a four day span, great entertainment, and great company it is sure to be a great event. The only question to answer is which day to go, if not all four and then wait and see what another year brings this growing company.

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