Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mile High Brews: Avery's

Boulder, Colorado is one town that is known for its beer. Home to eleven breweries and brew pubs, the variety is plentiful, and sampling them all in one visit can be difficult. Depending on your taste you might be in the mood for a dry, full hopped, flavored IPA, a full flavored slightly sweet brown ale. Or your tastes could be for the bitterness of a pilsner, the heartiness of a stout, or my personal favorite a Belgian style ale with citrus and spice notes. If you are in Boulder and this is what your taste buds crave, then look no further than Avery Brewery, on Arapahoe Street.
Avery’s has been making big, bold flavored beers since 1993, winning medals at the annual Great American Beer Fest along the way. They have five beers that are offered year round: IPA, Ellie’s Brown Ale, Joe’s Premium American Pilsner, Out of Bounds Stout, and White Rascal Belgian White. They are also known for flavorful seasonal brews, especially Old Jubilation Ale, a winter seasonal featuring flavor notes of chocolate and hazelnut. In addition, they also have a run of limited 22 ounce bombers that pack a full punch of flavor, and can be hard to get.
Once I found this brewery, hidden amongst a gathering of warehouses, it became obvious that this brewery was popular. All the tanks were outside behind the brewery (which is also where the tours occur so dress accordingly if you take one), all the picnic tables were full, but finding a seat at the bar was pretty easy. The inside of the bar was pretty minimal. There were a few signs around the wall and a map with thumbtacks in it showing everywhere they distribute. After sitting at the bar, the bartenders were neither friendly, nor did they have much knowledge of their beers. They did not offer any recommendations as to which beer I should try.
When I asked them a question, they acted burdened to offer an answer. Once all was said and done they seemed happier when people left, as opposed to welcoming in new guests. In the end the beer at Avery’s is very good, full of complex flavors, and it is very good that they distribute. This was hands down the most disappointing stop on my brewery travels, so I would encourage that the beer is tried, but just find a six pack at your local liquor store, or try a pint from a bar, do not go out of your way to see this place in person. It will leave a bitter taste in your mouth.

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