Friday, November 18, 2011

Mile High Brews Part 1

Since the day I turned 21, I have had an affinity for drinking a nice cold beer. Living in Colorado has made this much more enjoyable and adventerous than I ever could of imagined. Even though Colorado houses the second largest brewery in the world with Miller-Coors in the mountain town of Golden, there are actually over 100 microbreweries, and brew-pubs throughout this entire state. Whether you are in downtown Denver, the Rocky Mountains, or on the Western Slope there are a wide variety of beers to try. That is what this is all about, my travels to these breweries all around the state, my experiences with the people, the environment, and of course the beer. The adventure of stumbling across a local brewery could turn out to be one of your new favorite beverages, and the hidden gems of each one, whether it is a flavor combination one could never expect to find in a beverage, or finding a small brewery that has actually won multiple medals in competitions. This is the Mile High Brews travels, experiences, and recommendations, please join me on my journey, offer me new places to try, and be adventurous to support the local, and independent breweries that have the passion to turn four simple ingredients into something wonderful.

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