Friday, February 22, 2013

De Steeg Brewing

As of the beginning of 2013 there were twenty two microbreweries in Denver alone. While most of these breweries are confined to the LoDo area there has slowly been an expansion to the Platte Valley, and even the borders of Denver. But through all of that one area has not housed a craft brewery of their own and that is in northwest Denver in the highlands neighborhood. But that all changed in February of 2013 when on the corner of 43rd and Tennyson a small microbrewery opened serving high quality ales and adding another fine brewery to the Denver scene, at De Steeg Brewing.
Finding this brewery is not easy, as it is not facing Tennyson Street. Instead it is a small building in an alley but be patient, the hunt for the brewery will be well worth it. Just look for the white building with the vintage black sign with a goblet on it, and take a walk inside. Inside you realize just how small of a brewery this is. There is a small bar area and tables scattered throughout the tap room. Behind the bar is a large chalkboard that shows al the offerings on tap that day, and the production is slightly visible with a view of some of the tanks they use. Still there is a very comfortable and welcoming feel as soon as you walk in and it makes you want to sit down and enjoy a beer, the only question is which one?
Often when a fruit beer is seen on a menu the same two fruits are commonly used and that is either cherry or raspberry. But how about a Pomegranate Acai Wheat? Ultimately this beer can be summed up in one word and that is refreshing, but there is so much more going on in this beer. The aroma is very light and while the fruity notes are visibly, the wheat is not lost in the smell. The body is extremely light and the flavor of the beers is very delicate, and subtle. While the pomegranate is the primary flavor it does not overpower the beer, and the notes of acai are still detectable. On top of that so is the wheat, and this is all finished off with a clean aftertaste that makes whoever is drinking it feel very refreshed and wanting another sip of this crisp, clean, complex, and light ale.
Also on the lighter side of things at De Steeg just minus the addition of fruit is their French Saison, a very unique beer for its style. A wheat colored beer that is slightly cloudy in appearance, and a complex aroma that had a slightly fruity note. But once again the flavor of this beer is very unique as it is not as acidic and tart as most of the other saisons. To go along with the light body of this beer the tartness is lacking due to the strong yeast flavor this beer has. There is still a slight tartness and citrus flavor that is an undertone to the yeast and adds more depth of flavor. The beer leaves only a small aftertaste but is still very refreshing and easy to continue sipping, but at 8.1 percent alcohol sip this delicious brew slowly and savor this light but hearty ale.
Now for fans of the dark beers there is not a stout or a porter available here yet, but instead an English Brown Mild Ale. A rich brown ale that has a malty and subtle nutty aroma it makes you want to take a sip almost immediately. At first sip it is realized that it is served out of a nitro tap so the creamy, smooth mouth feel is the first thing you will notice. The taste however is very unique, and nothing similar to other English styles. While the malt flavor is prominent it is not overpowering due to the light body and clean finish. There is also one extra dimension of flavor that one would never expect, and that is the slight tartness that is an undertone to the malts. The beer finishes very clean, and is very refreshing. Combine that with the nitro pour and this is a very well rounded beer that anyone will enjoy regardless of which style they prefer.
Despite being located in a small building behind Tennyson Street the challenge to find De Steeg Brewing is worth it after one sip of the beers being offered. With a comfortable and homey environment, mixed with a friendly bartender, and great beers this new brewery has already established itself as one of the great ones of Denver. Mix that with styles of beers we are all familiar with but with such unique flavors it makes for a great combination of beers available. So when deciding a brewery in Denver to visit give the LoDo scene a break and instead head to the Highlands and check out De Steeg.
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