Friday, February 15, 2013

Hall Brewing

When it comes to microbreweries in Colorado there are a few towns that are always associated with the best craft beers around. Towns like Boulder, Denver, and Colorado Springs have always housed some of the original and most highly regarded microbreweries in the state. But north of Colorado Springs and south of Denver in the small suburb of Parker, Colorado a new microbrewery is creating fresh, high quality farmhouse ales in a variety of styles. On top of it they don’t even have a tap room for people to visit; instead they distribute bombers to liquor stores throughout the area or can be found on tap at various bars. All you have to do is look for Hall Brewing Company.
The brewery itself is located on a farm in Parker, Colorado and is made out of Colorado Beetle Kill pine giving the building a very rustic look. Located on a small farm they do much more than just create their own beer they also grow vegetables and their own hops. When they first started distributing their beers to liquor stores in January of 2013 they had three beers to choose from, and a short time later there were new styles being fermented. But out of the original three which included a farmhouse red, IPA, and stout it can be hard to choose exactly which one to try.
 The IPA pours as a rich copper color and has the hop forward aroma that one would expect from an IPA. The taste however creates a very unique taste that gives this typically bitter beer a whole new flavor profile. While the primary taste is the bitterness of the hops the beers itself is not as dry as most IPAs and has a complex flavor that is not often seen. While it still has a hop forward flavor it is not as strong as one would expect and there are a lot of complexities that make this such a well rounded beer. There is a subtle sweetness that helps to cut through the bitter taste from the hops and the combinations of all the flavors create an almost earthy taste. The aftertaste does last, but that will not stop anybody from taking more and more sips due to the depth of this ale. It is like an IPA you have never had before.
When it comes to red ales there are two kinds that beer drinkers are familiar with, an Irish Red and an Imperial Red. But what about a Farmhouse Red? The deep red color makes this look like a hearty beer but it has a surprisingly light and crisp body. The initial aroma and flavor is a strong malt flavor and that carries through to the aftertaste. There is also a slight bitterness to this beer through the hop additions. While this beer may not have the complex flavors that the IPA does it is still a great beer that has a strong flavor. The aftertaste is very clean and combine that with the full flavor of the beer the end result is a very enjoyable beer that is easy to sip from beginning to end.
Also available from Hall is a deep, rich, and dark Farmhouse Stout. After just the pour it is clearly obvious just how full bodied this beer will be by the dark brown, almost black color. After one sip that is validated with a rich, heavy beer full of flavor. The primary flavor is a roasted malt flavor that is reminiscent of coffee. This is complimented by a bitterness that helps to make the beer both complex and well rounded. There are so many levels of flavor that is finished with a faint aftertaste that only leaves you craving another sip. A strong beer that does take a while to drink but one so good that it makes it easy to drink and a beer any stout lover will highly enjoy.
Despite not having a tap room that has not stopped Hall Brewing from spreading the word of their beer, and ensuring it gets into the hands and pint glasses of those wanting to try it. Already selling 22 ounce bombers throughout the Denver metro area, and already on tap at local bars and restaurants it is clearly obvious that word of their beers is spreading fast. And to think that this is all happening in a small suburb of Denver where there isn’t a large craft beer scene. So when browsing the bombers at a liquor store or glancing over a tap list at a bar don’t overlook Hall Brewing Company.
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