Friday, June 7, 2013

Odyssey Beerwerks

With one brewpub and one microbrewery already established it only makes sense that another microbrewery move into the small suburb of Arvada and help enhance the growing craft beer community. So when two friends from the 1990s began home brewing then went their separate ways to work on their careers reunited during the holidays in 2011 it is a story many are familiar with. The love of craft beer was still there, the home brewing was still there, so the only step to take next was to open a brewery. The years of brewing, and hard work finally paid off in May of 2013 when the doors were opened for the masses to enjoy their offerings, at Odyssey Beerwerks in Arvada, Colorado.
Tucked away in a warehouse along 56th Avenue this is a surprisingly large tap room that is complete with plenty of seating, and a small outdoor patio. A short wall separates the seating area from all the brewery equipment making the abundance of kegs, kettles, and tank all visible from anywhere in the brewery. The brightly colored walls are lined with rotating artwork available for sell from local artists, and this is all capped off by the small bar area and merchandise area underneath a large wood pergola. With so much going on in this tap room it’s a good thing there are also seven beers of all styles available to enjoy while guests walk and look around.
The first two beers that are must haves at this small microbrewery are the Brick Lane ESB, and Caber Tosser Scotch Ale. The Brick Lane is a rich copper color with a subtle malt flavor, and slightly stronger hop flavor but not so strong it overpowers the beer. With a subtle hint of citrus in aroma and taste this is a very well rounded lighter beer that is easily enjoyed. For something stronger but in a similar region there is the Caber Tosser more commonly known as a Wee Heavy. A rich, malty beer with very little hop presence and a higher abv than most beers. This beer comes with a sweetness to balance out the malt flavor but is a very rich beer with a deep flavor that while it is strong is very enjoyable. Whether a taster size or a full pour one that should be tried.
Whether you are a fan of hoppy beers, Belgian beers, or very unique beers Odyssey has one that will cater to fans of all three, and it is their Nebula Belgian Black Double IPA. With six different types of malts, four different hop varietals, and a Belgian yeast strain to top it all off this is a very unique and refreshing beer that you will not find at another brewery. While they hop flavor is the most present and dominating flavor in this beer it is balanced out by everything else going on. All the malts in this beer add a sweetness to balance out the beer, and the Belgian yeast adds a lightness and refreshing note that is much unexpected. With a fairly clean aftertaste to finish it off this is a great beer that everyone should try at least once to taste the complexities, and possibly find a new style they enjoy.
Last for a nice dark ale that is offered and that would be none other than the Psycho Penguin Vanilla Porter. A traditional porter with a fully body, roasted aroma, and subtle coffee flavor but with the addition of Mexican Vanilla beans. This adds a nice sweetness and floral note but it does not over power the beer and all the qualities of a traditional porter are still present. A very hearty beer that is full on flavor that will be easily enjoyed by the masses. Also available are the Helio’s Hefeweizen and Ghost Rider Pale Ale for guests enjoyment, as well as certain seasonal most recently including a milk stout with more to come.
With seven original beers on tap when they opened featuring styles from all around the globe it is no wonder that Odyssey Beerwerks has experienced success so early on. With more seasonal offerings to come plus the adventure club it is also easy to see why this brewery will establish a strong regular customer base as well as a growing base of new customers. Whatever style you prefer this brewery has something for all beer pallets to enjoy. Mix that with a friendly staff, large tap room, and nice outdoor patio it makes going to Arvada to try this brewery a very easy decision. You will not leave disappointed.

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