Friday, May 31, 2013

Mountain Toad

Despite the fact that the small town of Golden has had a craft beer scene since 1993 it is still often viewed as a one brewery town thanks in large part to Coors. However in 2013 this town has seen more of a transformation to a craft beer town with the opening of two new microbreweries. The most recent opened their doors on Memorial Day weekend to greet the masses on Washington Street with their unique variety of ales. With a unique name to go along with it the newest microbrewery in Golden, Colorado is Mountain Toad Brewing a mix of home brewing and an idea to open a craft brewery realized and brought to life.
Located in a beautiful brick building the inside of this brewery is as colorful and lively as the beers it produces. The brick walls have been painted a bright green and yellow and paintings from local artist Jesse Crock are hung all around. The “L” shaped bar allows for guests to see all the barrels used throughout the brewing process, and also allows them to look outside on to Washington Street through the large windows. But the best part is the outdoor beer garden with picnic tables that allow guests to enjoy their beers in the great fresh air and with the wonderful scenery this town has. On top of the great environment Mountain Toad has created they had four great beers on tap when they first opened, and all of them are worth trying.
When it comes to something light and refreshing the first choice should be none other than the White Ranch Wit. A wheat beer slightly cloudy in appearance with a light body, but a full flavor. The addition of grapefruit rind adds a tart bitterness, and the addition of orange blossom honey adds a subtle citrus note along with a slight sweetness. But the two ingredients together balance each other out and leave the beer with a nice citrus, bitter, sweet flavor with undertones of yeast from the style of beer. Combine that with a clean aftertaste and this is a very refreshing beer. Despite the rich color another lighter beer offered is the Apex Amber. A surprisingly light body with a subtle malt flavor is the first aspect of this beer that one notices. The slightly stronger hop flavor is what sticks around the longest including the aftertaste. While the hops do not overpower the beer they are noticeable and add a bitterness to the beer. Over all it finishes most clean with just a faint taste of the hops, but taking another sip is very easy of Mountain Toad’s lightest beer by alcohol content.
For the craft beer drinker that wants to taste the hops from beginning to end there is the Mount Zion IPA available. This is a very traditional IPA from the nice copper color to the full hop flavor. This is a very dry, bitter beer that leaves a lingering aftertaste, but it fades away quickly with a subtle sweetness that allows it to be continuously sipped. Not a complex beer, but instead a traditional straightforward beer that fans of the hops are sure to enjoy. So to start with a light beer it is only fitting to finish with a dark beer, and how about a dry Irish stout but with a unique twist on it? The beer of course would be the Ryrish, a Dry Irish Stout but with rye added to it. This beer has all the qualities that stout lovers will still enjoy, an aroma that is full of roasted coffee, and a body that only a traditional stout could have. But the rye adds a nice spice note to the beer that adds a nice depth of flavor, and makes this a very complex beer that will be enjoyed by stout fans, and fans of more unique, experimental beers.
When it comes to breweries in Golden there are usually two that are consistently mentioned, Coors and GCB. Even though they are brand new to the craft beer scene in this small town it won’t be long until Mountain Toad is part of the conversation of must try breweries in this mountain town. With four great, and unique beers on tap plus more seasonal to come this is a place that will quickly have a large set of regulars, and a influx of new customers on a consistent basis. So when walking around Golden visit the brick building on the corner of 9th and Washington, and taste the quality being hand crafted inside.

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