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Within the Rocky Mountains of Colorado there are small towns that are nestled within the mountains. Some are very well known and sought after destinations while others are driven through on the way to another town. One of these small towns is Frisco which is located near the popular ski towns of Keystone and Breckenridge, and within this small town lies a small restaurant that not only provides guests with great views, and food, but they are also crafting their own beer on site. Serving pints to thirsty skiers and guests since 1996 this is the Backcountry Brewery.
Located right on Main Street this second story brewpub provides guests with a true mountain environment. Walking in you instantly feel as if you are in a mountain lodge from the wooden walls to the amazing views of the Rocky Mountains from the comforts of inside or on the spacious outdoor patio. In addition to the great scenery outside there are also clear and visible views into the brewery aspect of this brewpub which allows guests to see how their favorite beers here are made. With such a spacious and relaxing environment Backcountry is a place easy to enjoy craft beer at, and with a great selection of both year round and seasonal offerings the selection is plentiful.
When starting with a light beer it is best to also start with one of the award winning beers, and at Backcountry that happens to be the Pilsner. This beer can be described in one word and that is traditional from beginning to end. It starts with a very nice hop aroma that follows through to a balanced flavor of malts and hops. The hop flavor is prominent but does not overpower this beer, combine that with a clean finish and this is a very balanced, light beer. For a beer with a bolder flavor, and also one that has a gold medal to its name there is the Pale Ale. This beer has a traditional copper color and a nice malt forward but the highlight of this beer is the hops. With a distinct bitterness and brightness from Pacific Northwest hops this is a very unique beer. This is a very hop forward beer and a great representation for a pale ale. The finish does linger but it is very easy to enjoy. Also available for year round offerings are a wheat, amber, and a porter.
With a great lineup of flagship beers to choose from the seasonal offerings at Backcountry are both unique and a must try, and it starts with a Berliner Weisse. This light colored ale fits the profile perfectly for this sour beer and it starts with the light colored appearance which is a pale straw color. The aroma is a give away to how tart this beer is with a bright, and acidic aroma but the most important part of this style is the taste. The taste lives up to the style and this beer is sour without a doubt, and very sessionable to go along with it. While there is nothing fancy about this beer it is a very traditional sour and unique to see at a smaller brewery but once all is said and done it is a must try. For fans of something darker another signature seasonal offering at Backcountry is their trademark Breakfast Stout. This coffee milk stout brings together the best of various styles of stouts into one beer. The strong coffee flavor is prominent while the milk aspect adds a very creamy mouth feel. The beer is very well balanced, surprisingly light bodied, and finishes clean making it very easy to enjoy, and very warming in the cool mountain air. Also available in the seasonal lineup are an Oktoberfest, and Weizenbock.
Despite winning multiple awards and serving high quality beer Backcountry Brewery is still a very small brewery that not only produces high quality ales but also has some great views and a very friendly staff to go along with it. It also happens to be one of the easiest to drive by and not realize that you just missed it. With an abundance of various styles of traditional beers and a great selection of seasonal offerings that are both unique and traditional this brewery offers something that every beer fan will enjoy, and new beer drinkers will find something new that they like as well. So when driving along I-70 don’t rush to whatever final destination you have in mind, take a break in the small town in Frisco and enjoy Backcountry Brewery, the scenery they offer, and some of their award winning offerings.

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