Friday, November 15, 2013

Jagged Mountain

When it comes to breweries in Denver, Colorado there is one part of town that is the most sought after, and that is the LoDo neighborhood. With a mixture of both iconic and new breweries this small region of Denver brings out not only great beers, but also some very unique offerings. So when three friends from Michigan moved out to Colorado and opened a microbrewery of their own they settled in LoDo to make their diverse selection of ales that also include some of the strongest, big flavored beers you will find anywhere in the state. In November of 2013 they opened their doors and the public got to taste firsthand the beers of Jagged Mountain Brewing.
Located inside the building that formerly housed the carriages for the 16th Street Mall the transformation has made the tasting room very nice, spacious, and inviting. The large L shaped bar allows guests ample room for seating and leads to the half wall allowing all the brewing equipment to be seen. Away from the bar are large communal tables that can accommodate large groups or allow guests to interact easily with one another. As for the rest of the tap room itself it is surrounded with large windows that allow not only great natural light in, but also allows great scenery to enjoyed including Coors Field. The walls are all brick and are adorned with both nature and skiing photography. This is a comfortable tap room where hours could be spent enjoying beers, and there are a lot to choose from as well.
For fans of the big hoppy IPAs there are two very unique offerings at Jagged Mountain, the forst being the Imlay, a standard American IPA. By appearance this beer looks more like a hefeweizen than an IPA with a cloudy, straw color but the aroma and flavor soon make you realize it is a hop forward beer. The aroma is very strong in both citrus and hops which carries through perfectly to the flavor. There was a good balance between hops and citrus in the taste, but the bitterness did not last long. A clean aftertaste made this a very refreshing and easy to drink IPA. For something just as hoppy but more complex there is the Barking Marmot, a Blego-American Black IPA. This dark brown ale had a citrus, hop aroma, but the flavor was more unique. The dry hoppy flavor was still prominent but it was balanced out by a subtle coffee flavor from the roasted malts, and the citrus flavor from both the hops and Belgian yeast strain. There was great balance between all the flavors, and through it all the hops were still prominent so you knew you were drinking an IPA. Combine that with a clean finish and this was a complex, easy to drink beer.
For fans of Belgian style beers there are also two different versions of a saison offered, the first being a session beer called Zero Gravity. This beer has very subtle flavors to compliment its light and effervescent body. Very easy to drink and very refreshing. For a more bold flavored version of this Belgian classic there is the Spearhead. More cloudy in appearance this beer has more bold flavors including tropical fruits, a slight spice note, and a bright tartness. All the flavors work together to create balance and a very refreshing, light beer. Also available is a malty Scotch ale known as the Acute Malted Scottish, but the one thing Jagged Mountain is known for is big, bold beers. When they first opened their doors Jagged Mountain offered two different Old Ales known as First Descent that came in at a strong 13 and 14 percent ABV, and the small experimental batches are going to continue and make the trip to this brewery worthwhile.
Not only does this brewery feature a diverse tap list from light to dark, session ales to strong, and styles in a wide range, but it also has so much more to offer. A very comfortable and inviting tap room that makes its guests feel welcome, and known that it is a place they can relax and enjoy some of that great beer. A friendly staff that is knowledgeable and passionate about craft beer. In an ever expanding craft beer scene Jagged Mountain is a great addition not only to Denver, but all of the Colorado breweries and one that is a must visit when in the historic LoDo area.

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