Friday, January 24, 2014

Hall Tap Room

It was early on in 2013 that the small town of Parker was welcomed with a new microbrewery, and one that everybody in the surrounding areas could enjoy just as easily. Hall Brewing started off small with three distinct farmhouse style beers: a red, IPA, and stout that were available in 22 ounce bombers in various liquor stores and on tap at select bars. Throughout the year they were at festivals, tasting events, and one questioned was always asked, “When are you going to open a tasting room?” Luckily for the craft beer community they listened and in December of 2013 the doors to the Hall Brewing Tap Room opened in the small town where it all started, Parker.
Located in the heart of downtown Parker right on the corner of Main Street the tap room is very spacious, but inviting and comfortable. Walking in there are barrels against the wall, and the place is decorated to match the brewery perfectly. Behind the bar is a very rustic look where the tap handles are bordered by aged, weathered looking wood. Just above the bar lies small pine trees that adds to the outdoor environment they created. A tap room as large as this one still has a small town feel with a very friendly staff that is very engaging with all customers that walk in, and of course all the great Hall beers are available to sample and enjoy a Mason jar pint.
With what started as three beers has quickly expanded into a full and diverse tap list that any craft beer fan would enjoy. The red, IPA, and stout are all available as well as a nitro tap, and the additional farmhouse saison is on tap. In addition shortly after they began distributing beer Hall expanded its production into making high quality craft lagers. Included in the lagers are farmhouse styles of a pilsner, helles, and a bock that are all very traditional to the style and full of great hop and malt flavor one would expect in lagers.
Lastly are the seasonal and small release batches that Hall has produced throughout its first year. These included a peach blonde ale perfect for the summertime with its light body and refreshing flavor. This was followed by a marzen during the fall, this great malty lager fit the profile of autumn and October perfectly, and for the winter months we were offered Deck the Hall Holiday Ale. This ale was the original recipe of owner Aubrey Hall’s grandfather that was brewed as it originally was and offered to the masses in a very enjoyable malt forward slightly spiced ale. Of course a tap room would not be complete without some exclusive small batch beers or firkins, and Hall has those which have included a Bourbon Barrel Aged Barleywine with vanilla beans, a pilsner with orange peel, plus many more to come in the near future.
Great ales, lagers, and seasonal ales Hall Brewing already had a great following of people who anxiously awaited their next release so we could get our hands on a bottle. But the addition of the tap room has now made it possible to enjoy many of their farmhouse offerings in one comfortable sitting. Whether it is some tasters or a mason jar pint, a flagship offering or seasonal small batch this farmhouse brewery opening a tap room was not only a great addition to Parker, but to the Colorado craft beer scene in general. A welcome part of the craft beer expansion this south suburb of Denver now has two great microbreweries to visit, and Hall is a must in the area.

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