Friday, February 14, 2014

Centennial Beer Co.

When craft beer towns in Colorado are mentioned one towards the top of everyone’s list is in north of Denver, and is Fort Collins. With some already well established breweries this small college town continues to expand its own craft beer scene and spread it throughout the Denver metro area and surrounding towns as well. This was added to in 2013 when a small brewery established themselves on making straightforward, simple, high quality craft ales. Though they do not have a tap room they are easily accessible throughout parts of Colorado due to an agreement with Tivoli distribution. This is one of Colorado’s newest breweries, Centennial Beer Company.
Without a tap room for people to visit, how does Centennial make their beers and serve it to the thirst masses in Colorado? Although they are based in Fort Collins they brew their beers through a contract with Crazy Mountain Brewing in Edwards. This allows them to focus just on making high quality craft beer while being able to utilize great resources at Crazy Mountain. In addition it also allows them to keep costs down and focus on the business side of brewing. Named after the Centennial state there are two beers available at the moment and both are unique, straightforward, and worth tracking down to try.
 The first beer features a blonde panning for gold on its can and features a name true to the style, the All American Blonde Ale. This beer is very light in body and appearance but that does not mean it does not have full flavor in each sip. The light, crisp flavor of wheat is the prominent flavor throughout this beer but there are so many subtle undertones that not only compliment it but also enhance certain flavors in this beer. The hop notes are very subtle and provide not only balance to the wheat, but also a hint of bitterness and brightness. In addition there is a hint of sweetness that not only brings a balance to the beer but also gives it a well rounded flavor profile. With a very clean finish, this is a very easy drinking, refreshing beer that will be easily enjoyed year round.
For a beer with a bolder flavor reach for the can with the same distinct look but instead a showgirl on it, the All American Red Ale. This beer pours a rich red color with a crisp white head, and the flavor is both traditional and unique. The rich malt forward flavor is prominent and that not only adds a great body to this beer but provides a lot of layers of flavor. The malts provide the backbone to this beer and there are subtle hints of both caramel and chocolate. But the subtle sweetness of this beer is balanced out by the surprising hop profile this beer has. The hop flavor is strong in this beer balancing out the sweetness of the malts with a strong bitter flavor. The two balance each other out to create a harmonious, easy to drink beer that finishes clean. A very unique red ale that is easy to enjoy any time of year.
With only the two beers available at the moment that is all that is necessary for this relatively new brewery. A tasting room is not necessary; a great distribution deal has made it easy for the masses to enjoy the ales offered. From north Colorado to Denver and its surrounding suburbs  whether it is in a six pack or a pint from a bar it is becoming easier by the week to find the Blonde and Red Ale. So when wanting to try something new, or needing something for the weekend try Centennial Beer Co. and taste the high quality full flavored ales they offer.

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