Friday, February 21, 2014

Lowdown Brewery and Kitchen

In the craft beer expansion, that has been going on in Colorado over the past couple years, it is easier to find a brewery no matter where you are. This is especially true within the Denver area where all parts and neighborhoods now have a brewery to call their own. In 2014, the Golden Triangle area became part of the craft beer scene where award winning brewers, with over twenty years of combined experience, came together to open a brewery to call their own. With not only high quality ales, but great food as well; this is Lowdown Brewery and Kitchen.
Located on the corner of 8th and Lincoln in downtown Denver, Lowdown has a large but comfortable atmosphere to greet its guests. The atmosphere is both warm and inviting, but also brings together a great industrial feel to the tap room. Large exposed pipes line the ceilings and walls, but there are comfortable booths and tables for large groups to sit. Large windows line the side walls, and throughout there is eclectic artwork that ranges from impressionist paintings to portraits. The tile floors feature the word “cheers” in various languages. Right near the bar is a large hanging chalkboard that displays all the beers offered, brewed on site, which is a large variety, and many styles. Only question is which to try first?
For fans of the hoppy beers there are an abundance of options, but one of the best to start with is a beer called Selfish which is a pale ale with a very unique flavor profile. This ale was pale in appearance, had a bright hoppy flavor, but also had a bright flavor of citrus and tropical fruits including grapefruit and pineapple. This beer finished very clean making it very easy to drink. It is one of the most unique pale ales you will find anywhere, and it is also one of the most enjoyable. Now, of course there are several other options for hoppy beers. A light crisp traditional Bohemian style Pilsner will refresh guests with a subtle hint of bitterness from the hops, and is a great beer to start with. The Lowdown IPA will give drinkers a complex flavor of hops including citrus and hints of pine with a lingering aftertaste IPA fans will absolutely love. For a beer that is hop forward but has more of a malt balance there is the Boxer India Red Ale. Sweet caramel flavors from the malts compliment the citrus and pine flavors of the hops creating a well rounded and balanced beer guests are sure to love.
Now, of course there a wide variety of beers available as well with a more subtle hop profile, but still just as full flavored. There are two different Belgian style offerings including a traditional White Ale that is refreshing with a subtle hint of spice. Also available is a unique and bold flavored Tripel. This beer has a light and effervescent body that balances great spices of ginger and black pepper with a unique fruit flavor of apricot. This beer has a very complex flavor, with a clean aftertaste, and is very refreshing. For fans of more malt forward beers there are two options. For a lighter version, reach for the Lonely Sheep, a Scottish style export ale. This medium body amber colored ale has a great malt flavor that finishes clean. For a big bold beer, there is Black Bessie, a traditional milk stout available on both CO2 and nitro. This beer has a rich coffee flavor with subtle hints of chocolate, and sweetness from the milk sugar. Similar to an iced coffee with cream this beer will fill you up, but is so delicious you will want another.
With not only a diverse selection of high quality ales and lagers to choose from, but also an eclectic a great food menu, Lowdown has been a great addition to the Denver beer scene. The food is made with high quality ingredients and is unique which translates to the beers brewed on site with flavor profiles unique to the styles. As brewpubs continue to increase in popularity Lowdown is at the forefront of what every brewpub should be. A great experience from beginning to end with a friendly and knowledgeable staff to go along with everything else they have to offer. So the next time you are in and around Denver when that craving for beer and a bite hits take a trip to the golden triangle and visit Lowdown Brewery and Kitchen and taste the quality for yourself.

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