Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Craft Beer Week Tuesday

Even though it is only a couple days old this year’s Colorado Craft Beer Week is setting high expectations for ones to come. As the week progresses the events only get bigger and better as well. Here are some of the highlights for what to consider doing on Tuesday.
-After brewing a Wheat Wine for the Collaboration Festival with Former Future Brewing, Station 26 will be releasing a special Barrel Aged Hot Toddy Version. This beer now has hints of lemon, star anise, cloves, and cinnamon. Sounds delicious and like a beer you are going to want to try.
-Another unique barrel aged beer will be hitting the tap lines in very limited quantities today. From 6-10 Renegade will be releasing a very limited amount of Barrel Aged Hammer and Sickle Russian Imperial Stout. This is a rye bourbon aged beer and was originally done as a collaboration with Feisty Spirits in Fort Collins. This may be your only chance to try this beer so arrive early to guarantee a pour.
-Up north in Boulder at the Lee Hill location Upslope Brewing will be doing a variety of Barrel Aged Belgian Pale Ale fruit release. Their limited release Belgian Pale Ale has spent time in red wine barrels and will be released as a variety of fruit beers including cranberries, raspberries, blackberries, and blood oranges. This is already a great beer by Upslope so enhancing it in a barrel will only make it better.
-As always a celebration of craft beer would not be complete without a Colorado Craft Beer Dinner, and that will be going down at 6:00 at Lou’s on 38th Avenue. For $55 guests will be treated to a five course meal featuring great beers from Lefthand, Avery, Prost, and Upslope. Dinner starts at 6, to see if there are still spots available contact Lou’s at (303) 458-0336.
-Beer for breakfast, but at dinner? Great Divide Brewing Company will be partnering with the great breakfast restaurant Snooze for a one of a kind PM Beer Brunch. For $50 guests will be treated to a four course meal featuring four of Snooze’s great dishes each paired with one of Great Divide’s excellent brews. Beers featured will include Colette Farmhouse Saison, Hoss Rye Marzen, Nomad Pilsner, Titan IPA or Claymore Scotch Ale, and Old Ruffian Barrel Aged Barleywine. Tickets may still be available at imbibedenver.com/snooze. This is sure to be a great event and could very well be one of the highlights from the whole week.
-Another head to head battle of breweries will be taking place at the Historian’s Ale House. Tuesday features Backcountry Brewery out of Frisco against Black Sky out of Denver. Cheer on your favorite to win, and the first keg to run out wins.  
No matter where you are at in the Denver area and surrounding towns this week there is plenty to do to keep your pint glasses full, but don’t have too much fun. There are still four more days of celebrating craft beer ahead of us, and a very busy Wednesday.

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