Friday, March 21, 2014

Former Future

Beer is a beverage rich in history that dates back to the most ancient of days, and like with anything it has progressed overtime. Styles have evolved, new styles have become more mainstream, but once all is said and done those original recipes are the standard for what is still enjoyed today. In 2014 those traditional and old recipes were brought back to life by a husband and wife team looking to take classical beer recipes and put a modern twist on them. Fittingly located on Antique Row in the beer rich community of Denver the brewery is Former Future Brewing Company.
Walking into this long tap room guests are greeted with one of the most unique environments seen at a brewery where again the past meets the present. There is a long bar top to seat several guests as well as several tables to seat large groups. Off to the side of the bar lies the production where all the beer is made on site, as well as barrels where some great beers are aging. But the main feature of this tap room is all the d├ęcor, which primarily consists of second use and reclaimed products. Old barrels have been transformed into the light fixtures suspended from the ceilings, but the main highlight of second use equipment comes in the form of the bar top. That is made from reclaimed wings from an old airplane, and is on both sides of the bar creating a bright, metallic bar top. Everywhere guests look they can find decorations that are both modern, and slightly antiquated are spread throughout the tap room. With such a unique atmosphere to keep guests wanting to look around, a beer makes the experience that much more pleasurable, and there are some offerings just as unique as the environment.
The tap list is rotating so guests will get to try something different every time they go in, but there are always some beers that stand out and one can only hope they will hit the tap lines again. Like the very traditional but also very unique Oatmeal Saison. This beer came with a light, golden appearance and had all the great flavors one would expect. A light body, with a bright flavor bringing out a subtle hint of citrus is balanced out by a deep yeast flavor. The addition of oatmeal adds a rich mouth feel, and combine that with a clean aftertaste and this is a very well balanced Saison. Another beer to look for on the tap lines is their version of an English IPA. Based off a recipe from the 1800s this beer has been modernized and has a great balance between malt and hops. With a rich color the malts give this beer a hint of biscuit flavor, while the hops add a bright floral note. But through it all this is a very balanced beer where the hops are prominent, but do not overpower the beer. The finish is mostly clean, but the hint of bitterness in the finish makes another sip that more easy to enjoy.
Also available in the rotation has been a Session Black IPA, both a Porter and Salted Porter, and a Cream Ale but the main draw o Former Future will come in the form of their barrel program. A wide variety of barrel aged beers and sour ales will not only be hitting the tap lines but also will be bottled and sold on a regular, but limited basis. Once all is said and done this is a great new brewery with endless possibilities. Unique beer styles that people are still familiar with and a very original tap room make guests feel welcome. Combine that with a friendly staff and owners and it is no wonder guests continue to return on a regular basis. In the endless craft beer options that are available in Denver Former Future stands out as not only a great new brewery, but one that is worth the visit.

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