Friday, May 24, 2013

Arvada Beer Co.

About 10 miles west of Denver and 10 miles east of Golden lies a small suburb that is surrounded by two rich craft beer communities. The suburb of course is Arvada which had a well known brewpub but never a microbrewery to call its own. That wasn’t until a corner building from 1916 in the historic old town part of Arvada became occupied and the first microbrewery in Arvada became a reality. With eight to ten beers on tap all named after historic landmarks, a friendly staff, and the local history this is Arvada Beer Company.
For a new microbrewery in a small town the tap room is surprisingly large with about 150 seats to accommodate their 14 taps. The windows allow great light to penetrate the taste room, and the outdoor patio allows guests the option to enjoy their great beers in the fresh air. Old bags of malt and grains hang from the ceiling, and there is a television behind the bar to keep guests entertained. But being in Old Town Arvada in such a historic building this brewery does a great job of bringing the history to life with the staff’s ability to educate guests on the history of this small town. In addition with beers named after historical landmarks of Arvada from as early as 1850 it provides a little insight to Arvada while enjoying your beer, the only question is which beer to try first.
At a brewery with anywhere from 8-12 beers on tap regularly it is important to start light and at ABC that starts with the Water Tower Wheat. A straw colored Bavarian Wheat that has all the classical flavors one would expect from this style but with a more subtle flavor profile. The light body has a clean taste with a very subtle hint of banana and clove, and finishes very clean. Not as strong of a flavor as similar styles but it has just enough to make you want to take another sip. For something really refreshing and enjoyable there is also a Shandy where the Water Tower Wheat is mixed with lemonade to create a truly refreshing beer with a great acidic, tartness where the banana and clove still shines. Truly refreshing and a more unique beer on the microbrewery level, either way both styles are a must try.
For something more dark, with slightly more body there is the 59’er, a dark German lager or Schwarzbier. Not only is this the beer that brought Arvada Beer Company to life from home brewing to professional brewing but it is one of the best beers on their extensive tap list. This is a very complex beer that remains balanced, but still manages to allow each flavor profile to shine. The malts provide both a roasted flavor and smooth mouth feel and the bitterness from the hops balances it all out creating a well rounded lager. Combine that with a clean aftertaste and this turns into a very refreshing beer that makes you crave another sip. Now of course a Colorado brewery wouldn’t be complete without a hop forward beer and that would be the Colorado State Fair Bronze Medal winner Goldline IPA. This beer is brewed with five different hop additions and then dry hopped with another three and the end result is a dry, bitter beer that fans of hops will love.
Despite being in a small community in between two major beer towns Arvada Beer Company has cemented their place in the craft beer industry. As part of the redevelopment of historic Old Town this brewery has shortly established themselves not only with high quality delicious beers, but with a friendly staff, and clientele to go along with it. Although they are currently the only microbrewery in this suburb along with a brewpub it is worth the trip to Arvada just to try their beers. So whether it be at a festival, or a destination trip make Arvada Beer Company a destination, you will not be disappointed.

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