Friday, May 3, 2013

Yak and Yeti

About 10 miles west of Denver along I-70 lies the small town of Arvada, Colorado. Typically this is a town that most people would drive by and not stop at but within this small suburb lies a small craft beer culture. This is no truer than right outside the historic old town part of Arvada sits a small Nepalese restaurant where they also happen to brew their own beer on sight. With many different styles to choose from and unique flavors not seen elsewhere this small brewpub is the Yak and Yeti.
After finding this brewpub which looks more like a house than a restaurant you are instantly transported to Nepal on the interior. The brewing equipment is visible through a glass window behind the host stand but everything else is traditionally decorated to fit the theme. The bar top is lined topped with marble and above guests are papered lanterns of various color. Comfortable booths line the walls around the bar, and just to the left lies the beer list. With eleven different styles of beer to choose from the decision can be overwhelming, but thankfully head brewer Adam Draeger offers a great variety of both traditional beers and unique beers with more experimental flavor profiles.
For fans of fruit beers, gluten free beers, and very unique beers then there is the GF Apple Ale, a gluten free apple beer. A light, golden colored ale that has one flavor profile and that is apple. The aroma is more subtle but it makes you want to try it, but the taste is where the apple comes through. The beer has a strong flavor but is balanced out by the grains and hops that the apple does not overpower the beer or make it too sweet like a cider. It finishes very clean and is so interesting and unique that another sip is necessary. A great beer that will appeal to any sort of beer drinker, and a must try when at this brewpub.
Going from light to dark but still staying along the same lines of a unique beer is their version of a stout which happens to be a milk stout. But unlike most stouts that have a natural coffee flavor this one is enhanced with spices that can also be found in Chai Tea. A rich, dark beer with a thick tan head the spice notes come through strong in the aroma. The flavor however is a very complex beer that is full flavored, and well balanced. The chai tea spices are the prominent flavor with great notes of cinnamon, cardamom, clove, and star anise but are mellowed out by the sweetness of the milk sugars also in the beer. All this with the full body of a stout and it creates a well balanced beer, and their best selling beer come winter time. Although this beer is perfect for the colder months it is a must try anytime you are in there.
For fans of more traditional beers there are still plenty to choose from here, and at the same time make sure fans of the hops don’t leave dissatisfied. The Himalayan IPA is a traditional IPA with a rich copper color that is full of the hops flavor people have come to expect. But contrary to most IPAs on the market this one came with a subtle sweetness that brought out the pure flavor of the hop without all the bitterness commonly found in this style. The aftertaste was strong but not so overpowering that you did not want to continue drinking it. For fans of a more subtle hops flavor there is a traditional Pilsner on tap as well. With a light straw color and prominent but not strong hop profile this beer is very traditional and one that is very easy to enjoy.
Sometimes craft breweries and brewpubs in Colorado come from the most unlikely areas. While Arvada is a well known suburb with a microbrewery established finding a brewpub within a Nepalese restaurant is probably the least expected place to find craft beer. However don’t let the menu or style of cuisine at the restaurant deter you from experimenting as it will be some of the most surprising and tasty beer you will find. Whether you are a fan of traditional or experimental beers there is something for everybody at Yak and Yeti. All to d now is head west of Denver to Arvada and try for yourself.
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