Friday, October 18, 2013


With Colorado tabbed as the Napa Valley of craft beer it is no wonder that the list of breweries in this state continues to grow. In 2013, that list now also includes out of state breweries expanding into Colorado. Such as when a Salt Lake City brewery opens up a new location in the heart of Denver where they can not only increase their distribution, but also have the tasting room they were not allowed to have in Utah. The location is in the thriving and trendy River North area, and the brewery is none other than Epic Brewing Company.
Located inside a 14,000 square foot warehouse this tasting room is not only spacious, but also comfortable and inviting. The large amount of windows allow natural light to keep this area warm, and that is complimented by the light fixtures made out of the base of fermenter tanks. Along the bright green brick wall sits a floor to ceiling fireplace with couches around it. To the left of the bar, lies the production area lines with rows of barrels and fermenter tanks. The tall ceilings and various sizes of tables make this a great tap room for large groups, or for one person wanting to enjoy some great beer. Epic Brewing has over 30 beers to choose from so deciding which one to have first can be slightly overwhelming.
For a brewery that originated in Salt Lake City and then moved to Denver, Epic decided to brew some select beer exclusive to the Denver brewery, and it starts with the Blueski Lager. This pale golden color lager is very light, refreshing, and a great beer to start with to wake your palate up. This lager has a great balance of malt and hops, with a crisp flavor and a clean aftertaste. It is very balanced, and it will lead itself into a more bold flavored beer that is the RiNo Pale Ale. The RiNo Pale Ale is light amber in color with a medium body, and a subtle malt flavor in the background.  The hop flavor creates a prominent bitter flavor that works well with the dry mouth feel. A clean aftertaste makes this beer refreshing, balanced, and easy to enjoy. The last of the Colorado exclusive beers is the Escape to Colorado IPA, which was one of the first beers Epic made in Colorado. This golden colored ale comes with a lighter body, but delivers a strong hop flavor from beginning to end. This beer has a very dry mouth feel along with layers of hop flavor with notes of pine, and citrus. The aftertaste lingers, but does not over power making this a very enjoyable IPA.
Of course all of the other great beers from Epic are available at the tasting room. These include the great barrel aged brainless fruit series available in peach, raspberry, and cherry. The seasonal ales are widely available, and the other great flagship beers in all styles ranging from the variety of saison, the stouts, and unique beers Epic is known for like the Utah Sage. All beers are available in sample sizes, full pours, growlers to go, and a wide variety of bombers available for purchase from the tap room.
With so many beers to choose from, an inviting tap room, and a friendly staff Epic pulled out all the stops and went all out when it came to constructing their new Denver home. With bold flavored, experimental, and unique ales and lagers flowing in abundance this is one brewery where there is a beer that anybody will find enjoyable and like. So when in the new hot spot of Denver in the River North area swing by Epic Brewing and enjoy the best of Salt Lake City in Denver, and enjoy some locally exclusive ales in the process from the confines of a comfortable, relaxing tap room.

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