Friday, October 11, 2013


When it comes to unique beers in the Colorado craft beer scene one brewery that always exceeds expectations is TRVE Brewing Company in Denver. From the Prehistoric Dog salted wheat to the Smoked Tea Saison this brewery has consistently delivered full flavored beers that cannot be replicated anywhere else. Recently this small heavy metal inspired brewery has taken the next step in their production and that was with the beginning of bottling. The first bottled beer from this small brewery was a tap room exclusive that brought together all the qualities of a sour ale with the ever growing popular wild yeast strain Brettanomyces. Available in bombers the beer was named Vexovoid, and after enjoying a bottle of it here are our thoughts on this unique beer.
As with any beer drinking it out of the proper glassware is important, and for this particular sour a traditional tulip glass was necessary. This led to an aggressive pour that generated a lot of foam and created a nice contrast between the golden color and the snow white foam. Once the foam settled down but did not fade away this allowed the aroma to truly be released. The aroma to this beer was very unique and complex. The aroma had an earthy quality that was difficult to pinpoint and that was followed by a subtle bright tartness. This helped to create a pucker affect that would follow through to the flavor and body of this beer.
Once this beer had a moment to breathe and allow the aroma to be taken in it was time to enjoy a sip of this sour ale. At first sip this beer has a very light body that can be attributed to the wheat base and allows the strong flavors to shine. The beer has a lot going on with each sip. There is a mild hint of citrus that helps the bright acidity of this ale become that more prominent. The Brett yeast creates a earthy flavor that also adds some body to the beer to make it a beer that should be sipped and savored. To go along with it this beer had a lot of dimensions and the flavor profile was constantly changing the longer it sat out at room temperature. When cold and straight out the fridge the yeast was prominent and this beer had a earthier flavor. As it warmed up the beer became more acidic and bright which allowed the sour notes to create that pucker mouth feel. Regardless of temperature this beer had a very clean aftertaste making it very easy to drink, and not be overwhelmed by the strong ingredients that were used.
Once all was said and done this was a very light, refreshing, and complex beer that delivered on flavor and style. While it was not the most sour beer out there it provided just enough of a tartness to make the mouth pucker, and to want another sip. To make it even better is beers made with Brett are good for aging so it will be interesting to store a bottle or two for a while and see how the flavor profile changes over time. Either way this was a very well rounded beer, and a great first beer for TRVE Brewing Company to bottle, and it already makes us wonder what this unique brewery has in mind for their next experiment.

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