Friday, October 4, 2013


With so many new breweries opening throughout Colorado on a weekly basis there are some that turn out to be true hidden gems. Whether they are off the beaten path and take a little longer to find or the beer they serve is of such high quality that you enjoy every sip. That is the case in Boulder, Colorado where two former Boulder Beer employees came together to bring their love of craft beer to life. Combine that with a home brewer turned professional from Wisconsin and the brewery took shape. With a wide array of ales to choose from sourcing organic ingredients, and named after a nearby mountain this is Sanitas Brewing Company.
Located in an old industrial building next to the train tracks that run through this town the transformation this brewery underwent made this a very inviting tap room. This spacious tap room has room for the largest groups of people and has a nice bar top that accommodates the smallest of crowds. On one side lies a large group of windows that allows all guests to see inside the production area and how large scale this brewery is. On the other side lies more windows that has views of the outdoors and the train tracks that helps make this brewery so unique. That leads to a very nice outdoor patio complete with an official bocce ball court. With an inviting atmosphere to keep guests entertained of course a pint would be necessary, but which one to choose first?
For fans of hoppy beers there are two more unique styles of IPAs to choose from, and the first is their flagship Black IPA. This is a very complex IPA that starts with a bright, and citrus forward aroma that leads into a sip that has a surprisingly light body for such a dark beer. The flavor was also complex, but had a great balance. While this was a hop forward beer with a strong pine flavor the roasted malt flavor was still prominent to create balance and make this a very well rounded beer. Factor the clean finish and this is a great beer easy to enjoy any day. In a more unique IPA there is the first beer this brewery offered and was a collaboration beer with Dillon Dam Brewery, and it is the Snow White IPA. This is a hybrid style beer that brings together a traditional IPA with a Belgian style Witbier and the end result is very complex and flavorful. This beer had full body for a white ale and this was due to oats being added during the process and while it was a hop forward beer it was balanced out by and array of pink peppercorns and Valencia oranges. The end result was a full flavored beer that was very enjoyable and easy to drink, a must try.
For fans of non hoppy beers there is the other flagship beer, and that is the Saison. With a sweet aroma and a light body this is a truly refreshing beer. The flavor profile is very fruity with a subtle tartness, and the hop note is minimal but very unique due to the use of both American and French hops. A great beer that is easy to drink and one almost anybody would enjoy. Also for fans of the more unique and experimental beers there is a rotating line of beers known as the train series. With being located right next to the train tracks these smaller batches of beers will rotate regularly and will be offered at a dollar off a pint when the train drives by the tap room. Sanitas will also be canning very soon with their Black IPA and Saison available in six packs.
In a craft beer rich community like Boulder to open up a new brewery in this small town would take either some great beers, or some unique beers. Thankfully for Sanitas they have both. With styles of IPAs that are still not commonly seen on the mainstream market, and even their unique spin on traditional ales this brewery has a beer that anybody walking in will enjoy. Combine that with a very comfortable tap room, great scenery, and most importantly a friendly and knowledgeable staff and this is a brewery worth visiting. So when in Boulder venture slightly off the beaten path, and swing by Sanitas and try the delicious offerings in this locally inspired brewery.

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